Wood stoves were built out of masonry long before they were built of me
tal and from the beginning they were used for cooking as well as heating. While our masonry heaters often have ovens for warming and cooking, and our wood-fired ovens can handle anything from bread to turkey to serious pizza, Empire also makes masonry wood cook stoves with traditional metal tops or “burners”. Their masonry construction gives them the same advantages of thermal energy storage and long term durability to handle the high wood fired heat.   

Perfect for your home, cabin, or camp, our wood cook stove provides you with a cooking and baking appliance which is not dependent on any outside gas or electricity. Give yourself peace of mind that when the power goes off, your cooktop can be turned on with just a handful of twigs and a match. A few minutes after the fire has been burning, you're ready to prepare a warm bowl of soup, and after another few minutes you can pop a casserole or pie into the oven for baking. Once all of your food is prepared, let the wood fire go out and enjoy the same radiant warmth provided by our heaters in the rooms adjacent to the cooktop.


With a smaller firebox, our
wood cook stoves are fired as you need heat for cooking or baking, not with one large fire like our heaters. With a little practice, you'll be able to control your oven and cooktop temperatures with the same accuracy you can with a conventional electric or gas cooktop.

The cook stove may be clad in a pre-fabricated soapstone, granite, or refractory veneer available in kit form from Empire Masonry Heaters, or may be veneered in any masonry material fabricated on site. The kit includes refractory core block modules, cast iron and ceramic-glass loading door, cast iron cooking surface, internal grates, insulation board as required, and construction and owners’ manuals. It ships on one pallet and weighs approximately 1000 lbs.

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