Wood Fired Ovens

The taste of thin crust, wood fired pizza cannot be easily matched, nor can the crowd of people it will bring to your backyard or restaurant to share in your wood-fired creation. Wood-fired pizza ovens have been gathering people together for centuries to share in the smells, tastes, and camaraderie associated with great food prepared with love.

You can have a masonry pizza oven at factory-direct prices because we are the factory! Everything we sell is made right here in Upstate New York. Picture your pizza oven right now in your backyard. Where would you put it?

You will have to decide which pizza oven size fits your needs best. you can choose our Vaulterra line which starts at 22"x27 and goes up to 22"x45". Or if that's not big enough you can look at our commercial pizza ovens which start at 3' round and goes up to 5'x7'. You have 14 different pizza ovens to choose from and if you don't see what you are looking for, call us and we can design one together.  Yes, we can make a custom masonry pizza oven to fit your needs.

Give us a call toll free at 1-844-364-4328 or email 

With our complete line of wood fired pizza ovens, both indoor and outdoor, you acan create your own gatherings while enhancing your backyard, patio, or restaurant. Instead of hamburgers and hot dogs for your next cookout, how about thin crust pizza, roast chicken with hearth bread and potatoes, and s'mores for the kids (or your at heart) rounding out the evening? If your guests still insist on hamburgers and hot dogs, you can cook those like you would on the grill, just with a couple of exceptions: the food will cook much faster, and there is zero cleanup. After you are done cooking, you can just rake the coals and close the door.  Any food debris left will be burned off the oven surfaces. 

Like all of our products, our wood fired pizza oven kits are designed to be easily assembled, and a couple of do-it-yourselfers should be able to complete an oven core in less than a day. 

Our pizza oven kits are made from organic clay, especially suited oven construction. The thick walls of our ovens heat up quickly, allowing you to get cooking fast, while still allowing heat retention for days.  One of our pizza ovens properly insulated can cook pizza at 800-900 degrees at night and still be at 300-400 degrees the next day, allowing you to roast meats or bake breads without starting another fire. Have pizzas on Friday night and homade bread, a nice chuck roast, potatoes, and corn on Saturday all with one fire!

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