Wood Fire Ovens Overview

The same technology used to make delicious pizzas in wood-fire restaurants can be installed in your home! Liven up your dinner parties and family get-togethers by using your American Masonry Heater core for your wood fire oven and stove. Make a meal to remember— delicious cedar planked salmon or spicy sausage and mushroom pizza cooked through and ready to eat in mere minutes. Whether a brick oven, pizza oven, baking oven, outdoor oven, or even wood burning cook stove, we can supply you with its core and advise you how to use that core to find the oven or stove prefect for you.

Our pizza oven kits are made from organic clay, so they burn clean and hot! The thick walls of these ovens heat up quickly, allowing you to get cooking fast but retain heat for days. Use the same fire to make pizzas on Saturday night and a roast on Sunday morning.

Like all our products, the wood fired pizza oven kits are designed to be easily assembled. 

Go straight to the source— get a masonry pizza oven at factory-direct prices because we are the factory! Everything we sell is locally sourced and manufactured in Western New York. Picture your pizza oven right now in your backyard. 


3 Foot Ovens

Backyard baking enthusiast.

3' Round with insulation and door. $2850

3'x4' (1685#) Oven with insulation and door.$3890

3'x5' Oven with insulation and door.$ 4375

3'x6' Oven with insulation and door.$5550


4 Foot Ovens

Bread, pizza making. Large capacity oven.

4' round Oven with insulation and door. $4750

4'x5' Oven with insulation and door. $6600

4'x6' Oven with insulation and door. $7600


Commercial Ovens

We can custom make any size unit you desire.

We offer 5', 6', 7' etc.