Amercian Masonry Heaters & Ovens

Keeping warm is no small feat when the chills of winter start creeping in. You can wrap yourself in a blanket and shuffle around in a pair of slippers, sure. Or give in to the gas and electric companies and crank the heat until they empty your wallet at the end of the month. But what if there was long term and eco-friendly solution to those chilly nights?

At American Masonry Heater we produce an affordable hearth for your home— everything from masonry heaters to wood fired ovens to keep you warm through the winter. We provide do-it-yourself kits or, should you choose, any mason can install our standard core kits in your home in just two days! With our veneer kits, the result is a functional, beautiful, long lasting heater or oven. Not to mention, a fantastic conversation piece.

Our core kits are American made and can be installed under existing building codes everywhere masonry heaters and wood-fired ovens are allowed. Our products have been tested in EPA accredited laboratories and have been found to be among the cleanest wood burning appliances.