Questions & Answers

Q: Do you do your own castings on site? Are you American Made?

A: Yes, we cast our materials on site in New York State. None of our masonry heater components are outsourced from other countries. We mix our proprietary blend of refractory from clay components derived in the USA. We fabricate our own firebox doors and hardware in our metal fabrication shop. They are high temperature powdercoated to last a long time.

Q: What type of glass do you use in your doors?

A: American uses Neoceram glass in our Masonry Heater firebox doors.

Q: What size is your standard firebox?

A: American’s standard firebox size is 24” D x 24” W. The glass is 17.25” x 25”. We offer different shades and sizes as well.

Q: What size is your standard wood fired oven (bake oven)?

A: American’s bake oven is 25.5” D x 27” W x 12” H.

Q: What do your masonry heater kits come with?

A: Our masonry heater kits come complete with the refractory core and refractory firebox, fresh air damper, firebox door, bake oven, bake oven door, ash doors ( clean outs), ash grate, ash drawer and mortar. All you need to provide is your foundation, chimney and your choice of veneer. American also offers soapstone veneer packages . We offer ICC chimney as well. Call or email for a quote.

Q: Can a homeowner install their own masonry heater?

A: Yes, a homeowner can install their own masonry heater, We have engineered our heaters and their components to be homeowner friendly. Think of them as adult “legos” , they are larger but easily handled, and labeled for easy installation. The foundation and first course will be the most important, so make sure they both are level. Another helpful factor is that American has a refractory firebox, Not using firebrick will save you precious time and money, cutting and placing 275-300 firebrick is tiring and time consuming.

Q:Can we put one masonry heater on top of another?

A: Yes, we engineer and install many multi-level masonry heaters. Depending on your dream, and or style, we can incorporate benches and ovens to them as well.

Q: Can I load a masonry heater from the outside or my garage?

A: Yes, you can load your masonry heater from the garage or outside. We design models to be loaded from the garage and/or the outside to keep your mess to am minimum.

Q: Can you implement hydronics or water coils to your American Masonry Heater?

A: Yes, you can incorporate water coils and hydronics to your American Masonry Heater. Depending on what your specific needs are, we can advise you on where to purchase your coil, where you could possibly put it, and what size you may need. You will however need to have it installed by a certified boiler technician.

Q: Do you have a masonry heater that will heat my large home?

A: American Masonry Heaters & Ovens manufactures and provides many different size masonry heater core kits . We also custom design and manufacture masonry heaters to fit in your exact footprint. American also provides combinations of masonry heater fireplaces, wood cook stoves and wood fired ovens in our all in one unit ( Ultimate Survival Core). We can meet what you need to heat!

Q: What makes your refractory better than others?

A: American Masonry Heaters worked with a ceramic engineer for 18 months to come up with our proprietary blend of refractory. This refractory can can hold up to and surpass our competition, in heat retention and longevity. Our refractory can hold up to heat as great as 3600 degrees F. It is specially made for masonry heaters, and can stand the hot to cold thermal cycling. It is currently being used in silver refining factories.

Q: Can I use pine?

A: Yes, you can use pine and other fur trees as well. We have many units in Alaska, these units burn primarily pine. As long as your wood is completely seasoned, this should not be a problem. Remember, a pound of pine looks and weighs differently than a pound of ash or locust, so your load size and burn rate will vary.

Q: Can I use my current chimney?

A: Yes, you can use your current chimney , this will depend on the diameter needed, type of chimney you have and the condition. You can use class A or 8x8 and 8x12 flue tile. If it is a healthy chimney that will pass your local codes and guidelines. Chimney liners can be utilized as well.

Q: Do you recommend outside combustion air?

A: Yes, code requires you to have a 6” outside fresh or combustion air pipe. You can run it from underneath the unit, out the back or side depending on your layout.

Q: Do your units require an air gap or expansion joint?

A: No, our units do not need an air gap. Our refractory only expands 1/1000th of an inch @ 1500 degrees F. We have the “Russian Doll” construction method, with the inner and outer core separated, not bonded together. Mitigating expansion movement to the veneer.

Q: What veneer can we use on our heater? Can we use our own glazed tiles?

A: Yes, you can use your own glazed tiles. American likes to see around 4 inches of thermal mass for the heater veneer. With that being said, you can use our American veneer substrate underneath the tile to help achieve your thermal mass needed. You may choose any natural veneer like brick, tile, natural stone and soapstone. No cultured stone or man made materials can be used on a masonry heater, these actually work as an insinuative.