Masonry Heaters Overview

Kachelofens? Grundofens? Putzofens? What do these words all have in common?

They’re German for stove. Sometimes called masonry stoves, they are the traditional fireplaces of Northern Europe. Refined over centuries to burn clean and efficient while keeping your haus warm and bright all through the nacht.

Our masonry heater designs use a high temperature (refractory) core with finish material (veneers) according to regional tradition or to the customer’s taste.  Smoke moves from fire and into the chimney, absorbing the maximum heat from the fire, gradually releasing the energy into your home as radiant heat. We have mastered this technology, using our proprietary refractory mix, the only North American mix specifically designed for masonry heaters.  (Shown: our Envirotech Radiant Fireplace-the Classic Grundofen.)

So why buy an American Masonry Heater?

  • No more gas and electric company
  • Use 75% less wood than traditional fire places
  • Still have heat when your power goes out
  • Heat your home with eco-friendly technology
  • They increase the value of any home
  • Heat a 2500 square foot house for about a dollar a day
  • Use your masonry heater or wood fired oven and stove to cook
  • No hidden installation or hardware fees
  • They can be installed by any craftsman
  • Lowest emissions from any EPA accredited lab, making us the cleanest and greenest


24" Tower with all hardware: $4200.00

30" Tower with all hardware: $4800.00

Footprint comparable to a wood stove. 22,500 btu's per hour. 6" Chimney.


5 Channel

24" Tower with all hardware: $5400.00

30" Tower with all hardware: $6000.00

Alaskan Survival

24" Tower with bake oven & all hardware: $5800.00

30" Tower with bake oven & all hardware: $6500.00

Masonry Heater with oven on either side. Woodbox option. 24” or 30” tower. Oven will be larger as it opens on the side. Btu’s 24,000-48,000 per hr. Weight 2700#+.


Traditional A-Train

24" Tower with all hardware: $ 6300.00

30" Tower with all hardware: $6900.00


Envirotech Classic

Unit with all hardware included: $ 6500.00

Chimney exit top left rear of unit. Weight 3500#+. Up to 60,000 btu's per hour. Offset firebox. Bypass damper.


Tower and Battery Wall

30" Tower with Battery Wall, bake oven and hardware : $7200.00

Bench and battery wall. 24" or 30" tower. Weight 3500#+. Up to 60,000 btu's per hour.0


Ultimate Survival

Core with bake oven and cookstove:$ 8800.00

Masonry heater, oven and cookstove all in one unit! Batterywall and woodbox. Cooktop variations available. Weight is approx. 3,400#.